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Giorgio Armani // Holiday 2016 Night Lights Palette

Giorgio Armani // Holiday 2016 Night Lights Palette

I have been a long-time fan of Giorgio Armani's Beauty Line. When I suffered from eczema on my face, concentrated on my upper lip, the only lipstick I could wear was Armani's. So I stuck to only buying products from this line for a long time. It just made life easier. It's also how I became a huge fan of Pat McGrath's. I can still remember the introduction of the Fluid Sheers and how groundbreaking they were.

Anyway, when I saw this limited edition Holiday 2016 Night Lights Eye and Face Palette appear on their website I knew I had to have it. For $140, it comes in the familiar oval, elliptical-ish glossy black compact with a magnetic closure and "Armani" scribbled on the cover in gold. The velvet pouch that protects the compact is a bit more useful than most. It has a flap with an elastic closure and on the outside of the pouch you'll find two sponge-tip applicators. I do like this attention to detail, but the sad fact is that these velvet pouches and applicators are usually thrown out.

And like other Armani special edition palettes, most recently the Luxe Is More Palette, it has two layers - ten eyeshadows on top and three face products underneath. The eyeshadows are a lovely range of neutrals with 4 shimmers, 1 glitter and 5 mattes. 

Below are brush swatches onto eye primer. Here are all ten shadows:

Here is a closer look at the two center shades, and the shimmer shades across the top of the compact. The gold glittery shade in the middle felt and applied the chunkiest with more obvious bits of glitter than the top four shades. And the matte black in the middle is very pigmented. The top four shades have a beautiful, subtle glow and apply with very little fallout. 

Below are the four matte shades along the bottom of the compact. I love these neutrals. They have a minky-taupe tinge to the colors making them not too warm, but not too cool. They would compliment the matte Eye Tint color range that Armani came out with earlier this season. The lightest color on the left was very powdery and applied the least effectively. It'll do as a highlight/brow bone shade in a pinch, but it's definitely my least favorite in this palette.

I wore three of the darker matte eyeshadows yesterday and they wore very nicely. Didn't fade and no fallout all day! These shadows can also be used wet, and I think the two center shades would probably benefit from being used wet and applied as liner.

The face products are also quite lovely. It's unfortunate to be hidden under such beautiful eyeshadows though. It makes it a little anticlimactic to flip up the shadows to reveal these products. But they are great - the top half is luminous silk powder which is one of my favorites, and the shade works perfectly for me. (I wear shade 4 in Armani's Luminous Silk Liquid Foundation.)

There are two little sponges separating the powder product from the cream products. The two cream products are Maestro Fusion Makeup and can be used as a concealer. The shade on the right works much better for me. The shade on the left has a lot of peach undertones and I could try it as a color corrector, but not as a concealer.

I usually have a very hard time finding information on products' ingredients, so I thought a snapshot of the box would be helpful for those interested:

I hope that was helpful as I know these holiday releases become so overwhelming, especially at such high price tags. If you've been tempted by Armani's products, this could be a good start!

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